A typical Slovenian green mask is Zeleni Jurij. This typical ritual mask once embodied the deity of spring. A boy is usually masked as Zeleni Jurij by wrapping him from head to toe with branches filled with leaves and then pinning broken green twigs behind the branches. Even the cap is woven from greenery.
The most typical celebration of Zeleni Jurij today is in Bela Krajina. His companions go from house to house and sing a carol at the front door. The landlady then tears a twig from Zeleni Jure and sticks it on the roof for good luck. She then gives his companions eggs, which they then boil as they go around the village.
  • Title of work:Zeleni Jurij
  • Technique: graphics
  • External dimensions of the folder: 27 x 19 cm
  • Limited edition 1/100
  • The outer dimension of the frame: 24 x 30 cm