In many parts of Slovenia, snowdrops and spring snowflakes are the first to bloom in spring, coloring the barely awakened meadows. The snowdrops, also known as the flowers of cold and sunshine, are the tiny white beauties that usually surprise the seaside as early as mid-December. Even though night temperatures are still below freezing, so the snowdrops freeze and become frosty, the warm rays of the sun give them back their strength and energy to bloom. But if the temperature rises above 10 degrees Celsius, they wither quickly, which is why the snowdrops in the vases in the middle of our dining table do not last more than a day or two. For those who are truly fond of these seemingly delicate flowers, their beauty is especially admired in the wild, as the snowdrop is a protected natural species and must not be picked. Like other spring flowers, the snowdrop and the spring snowflake carry messages of love and, with their whiteness, symbolize the purity of love and tender longing.
  • Size: height 12/13 cm, width 7/8 cm
  • Material: Ceramics
  • In a gift bag with an attached certificate
  • Designed with love for details
  • An ideal gift for flower lovers and poppy fans