Many people believe that tulips originated in the Netherlands, but in fact, they were brought to Holland in the early 16th century from central Asia. Its arrival was a triumph; overnight it became a symbol of beauty, luxury, and fabulous wealth among avid flower lovers, but also of luxury, vanity, and nothingness. Flower enthusiasts were prepared to weigh the bulbs of rare species in gold; we know from trade records that collectors paid as much for a few bulbs as for a townhouse or a medium-sized sailing ship. There are more than 3000 different tulips. Red tulips represent love, white tulips symbolize forgiveness and apology, and purple tulips represent blue blood. There are no black tulips in nature, but breeders have crossed them to create tulips of a deep purple color that look almost black.
The variety has been called ‘Queen of the Night’ and is extremely popular.
  • Size: height 12/13 cm, width 7/8 cm
  • Material: Ceramics
  • In a gift bag with an attached certificate
  • Designed with love for details
  • An ideal gift for flower lovers and poppy fans