The Primorski or Mediterranean type of national costume was present in Slovene Istria, Brkini, and some villages around Trieste.
The distinctive features are particularly evident in the women’s costume, which was characterized by a wide shirt over which the women wore a long sleeveless dress and an apron, sometimes two sleeveless dresses on top of each other.
Another feature that distinguishes Primorska’s costume from other Slovenian costumes is the great popularity of jewelry. In addition to longer necklaces, “murčki”, earrings, also called murčeki, črnčeki, were extremely popular and have remained popular until the present day. The stylized head of black men with a red turban was sometimes made in as many as 18 sizes. The white or bright headscarf was richly decorated with handmade embroidery and lace.
The men’s costume had many variations. Most men wore longer shirts made of white homemade linen, which were an obligatory part of both working and special days – they differed only in the cut.
These are just some of the characteristics of the costume of the Primorska region.
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