A look into the past tells us that until the first half of the 20th century, the vast majority of new-born babies in the countryside were rocked to life in cradles.
At first, it was a simple, self-taught handicraft product, but later it was increasingly elaborated and painted with religious, floral, and geometric motifs.
Among the common symbols painted is a star with four or five arms, the so-called ‘mora’, which was painted on one of the shorter sides of the cradle.  According to superstitious beliefs, this sign was a defense for the child against the harmful effects of the plague.
At the SKRINA Ethno gallery, we have developed a jointed cradle that is easy to transport and suitable for sending by post.
  • Jointed cradle
  • Size: 80 x 55 x 55cm
  • Color: green/brown
  • Motif: carnation/flower/»trutamora«
  • Material: pine wood
  • we only use wood intended  for mandatory cutting