The carnation is a flower that has perhaps more than any other been the victim of fads in European culture, a flower that has been distinctly popular in some periods and almost incomprehensibly neglected in others. Fourteen autochthonous species grow in Slovenia, but the most popular is the Gorenjska carnation, which has delicate, hardy, and beautiful blossoms with a pleasant and intense scent. Housewives used to compete with each other to see which one would have the most beautiful and lushly flowering carnations on windowsills and balconies. Symbolic meanings have always been attached to the carnation. The most common are love and affection (darker red), purity and happiness (white), gratitude (pink) and honor and glory (bright red). In all socialist countries, the vivid red carnation was the first flower of the working class and a symbol of the revolution, and in Western countries, it is still the flower of most social democratic and other left-wing parties. In some places, the carnation has also come to symbolize marriage, especially the pink carnation, which is an expression of love and mutual affection.
  • Size: height 12/13 cm, width 7/8 cm
  • Material: Ceramics
  • In a gift bag with an attached certificate
  • Designed with love for details
  • An ideal gift for flower lovers and poppy fans