At the SKRINA Ethno gallery, we like to look back to the past. We are committed to exploring traditional Slovenian patterns for which we have a great respect and which we know how to use in our everyday lives.
At SKRINA we have designed useful products for everyday use – cases for glasses, business cards and medicine, pocket mirrors, cosmetic bags, and coin pouches.
Our products are testimony to the fact that people’s lives in earlier times were richer than we imagine them today.
Although our tastes have changed in many ways, motifs from the treasury of Slovenian folk tradition can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
Our ethnologist Blaž Telban makes sure that all our products have a professional basis, so our products with traditional Slovenian motifs are the right choice for your business partners; both at home and abroad.
All products come in cellophane bags and are accompanied by a bilingual text (Slo/Eng) about the origin of the sample.