Exhibitions and appraisals

In its 30 years of existence, the SKRINA Ethno Gallery has organized more than 200 exhibitions and events by renowned Slovenian and international artists.
We have also followed new design trends and facilitated exhibitions of contemporary designers. Many of them have stepped out of anonymity and have become more noticeable by exhibiting at SKRINA. Throughout the years, we have been in collaboration, which is why we have been keen to respond to the initiative of centers and institutions for rehabilitation after injuries, which have had several exhibitions at SKRINA and have also sold their products here.
We also regularly organized thematic exhibitions of individual branches of the local and artistic crafts, often hosting high-ranking protocol visitors, mayors, and presidents.
Our regular visitors loved meeting the craftsmen/women and chatting with them about a time that is disappearing and about ancient customs and traditions. We know that these events were popular from the letters of thanks we received from all over the world and the messages left in our visitors’ books.