In our grandmother’s time, step stools were a must-have, a multifunctional piece of furniture that almost every household had.
They were indispensable in small mountain huts, where shepherds and dairymaids liked to use them for milking cows and other (farm) chores.
In SKRINA, we have given a new look to the traditional tablecloth. To make it easy to transport, we dismantled it, packed it in a cardboard case, and painted it with floral motifs. A popular motif is the carnation, which has a special symbolic meaning for Slovenians and represents love, affection, beauty, honor, and glory.
The jointed step stool was a protocol gift at the meeting of CEFTA Prime Ministers in Bled. A stool with your logo can be an original business and promotional gift.
It is made from quality pine wood and hand-painted.