“I’ll eat cookies and I’ll drink wine, I’ll love Micka, as long as I live”

Such and similar verses are still stuck on brightly colored lect hearts, which are decorated with sugar different colors.
The red color of lect’s hearts symbolizes passion and love, the yellow bow is a sign of infinity, and the green flowers illustrate growth and development. Some lect hearts are decorated with a colored drawing or a writing, most often it is a love message.
Often, instead of a verse, there is a mirror in the middle of the heart so that the girls could admire themselves in it – as the folk tradition says.
Making lect’s hearts is one of the oldest crafts in our country. The baking of honey cakes in Slovenia dates back to the 19th century. Once upon a time, these beautifully decorated gingerbreads were baked exclusively on the biggest church and family holidays as a dessert and as a wedding gift.
A bird and a horse were also popular motifs.

Ceramic artist Zdenka Kastelic has, in addition to her everyday life, a fairy tale world where houses and castles are created; princes and princesses; harlequins and misses and other images from her dream world. Each of her products expresses a part of her soul, and each one is different, unique and unique. In addition to gentle and coordinated colors, we are also drawn to ornaments, which are part of her art language. Ceramics are often equipped with texts. such as the following: “Happiness is the miraculous dust that nature shakes from her angelic hands into our laps to guard and nurture.” Her products always find new magical ways into the hearts of those of us who remain children at heart.