Klimt – jewelry
We have prepared a very special surprise for all Gustav Klimt lovers in SKRINA – exclusive, double-sided pendants made of high-quality porcelain and decorated with real gold leaves and Swarovski® crystals.
His eternal images, captured in full forms and different color shades are suitable for all tastes and all moods.
You can choose between the black and gold Kiss, which is sensual and elegant, the refined Judith in blue, which radiates eroticism and flirtatiousness, and the mysterious Adela, with a touch of orange, which emphasizes confidence and strength.
Perhaps you will be more attracted by the luxurious red and gold Medizine, an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, while color lovers will be charmed by the richly colored Fulfillment, suitable for both ordinary and festive moments.
If you are a supporter of the classics, the Tree of Life is right for you, a symbol of renewal, impermanence and the cosmos.