The artist Karel Zelenko acquired his knowledge from the great Slovenian artists.
He graduated from Boris Kalin’s sculpture department, completed a specialisation in graphic arts with Božidar Jakac, and continued his studies with Gabriel Stupica, where he obtained a degree in painting.
Throughout his career, his prints have maintained certain characteristics, such as realistic treatment of figures, a complex line system, and the concept of printmaking as a message.
The present prints Masks of Slovenian landscapes (Maske slovenskih pokrajin) are linked to Slovenian folk tradition, where the diversity of Slovenian landscapes, or as some like to say “Europe in a small way”, is shown through the depiction of masks.
Despite the black and white technique, the sophisticated drawing evokes the richness of the masks, the beauty of the lines and shapes that fill the white surface is so intense that it replaces the colour.
The graphic sheets “Masks of Slovenian Landscapes” were created in collaboration with ethnologist Blaž Telban.