In the Ptuj field, ploughmen are known from Lancova Vas and Markovec, where the role of ploughman is played by a corant who has “horses” harnessed to the plough.  They are dressed in white shirts and their shoulders and chests are covered with colourful scarves tied crosswise. On their heads are tall, semicircular caps decorated with paper flowers and ribbons of all colours and greenery attached to a silver base.  They are also adorned with horse harness bells which jingle when they bounce. When the whip cracks, the ploughman spurs his “horses” to make a furrow. Into this furrow is sown the seed for the “fat turnip”.
  • Title of work: Ptijski orači
  • Technique: graphics
  • External dimensions of the folder: 27 x 19 cm
  • Limited edition 73/100
  • The outer dimension of the frame: 24 x 30 cm
  • Limited edition 88/100
  • All works are signed, numbered and have a watermark of the author