Oak fruits have been used by man since ancient times, and there is evidence that they have been eaten and used to heal wounds. Recently, acorns have become popular again; they are valued in some places as a substitute for coffee and are often used to make flour to bake bread. Acorns are first baked in a clay oven; ground and the resulting flour is kneaded into bread dough.  It can be used to create beautiful decorations – with a little paint, ribbons, glue, and a lot of imagination, it can be used in a hundred and one ways.
The next time a beautiful acorn flies under your feet put it in your pocket. With a little paint, some ribbons, some glue, and a lot of imagination, acorns can be used in a hundred and one ways.
And we pose puzzles like this one from Oton Zupančič:
“He doesn’t have a boy cap,
the cap has a little boy
whistling breaths,
they didn’t take the caps,
they took the boy”.
  • Size: height 12 cm, width 7 cm
  • Material: Ceramics
  • In a gift bag with an attached certificate
  • Designed with love for details
  • An ideal gift for lovers of trees, forests and acorns