The lilac is a beautiful ornamental shrub, which enchants us in May with its lush, stunningly fragrant flowers, which is why it is also known as ′majnica‵, ′lipovka‵ or ′jorgovan‵ for its heart-shaped leaves. Once upon a time, there was not a house or yard, urban or rural, or park, without at least one lilac bush, so it seems that it has always been with us. But, in fact, it comes from China, from where it was first brought to Turkey, and from there, in 1554, a seedling of the lilac was brought by an envoy of the then King Ferdinand I of Hungary and planted in Vienna. The plant was admired, and it was only a matter of time before it spread to Slovenia.
The color of the blossoms can be white, pink, purple, blue-violet or scarlet red. The scent of the lilac depends on the color, which is so pronounced when it is in bloom that it can be detected from a distance even before the shrub is seen. Somehow, however, the darker the flowers, the more distinct the scent.
  • Size: height 12/13 cm, width 7 cm
  • Material: Ceramics
  • In a gift bag with an attached certificate
  • Designed with love for details
  • An ideal gift for flower lovers and Spanish elderflower fans