In Prekmurje, a week before ‘gostüvanje’ (the wedding), the ‘pozvačin’, which is a mask of the ritual custom of passing from one state to another, goes to invite the in-laws. He is dressed in riding pants and high boots, the hem of which is adorned with little horse harness bells that jingle when he jumps. His headdress is high, covered with peacock, pheasant, or cockerel feathers, and decorated with many coloured ribbons hanging over the brim to cover his face.
In his hands he holds a stick, sometimes with an axe at the end, wrapped in a hedgehog skin, which serves as a weapon and, according to folk belief, has the power to ward off misfortune.
  • Title of work: “Pozvachin” from Prekmurje
  • Technique: graphics
  • External dimensions of the folder: 27 x 19 cm
  • Limited edition 39/100
  • The outer dimension of the frame: 24 x 30 cm