Memory game Ljubljana

Board games are becoming more and more popular in the world, so at SKRINA we have prepared for you a MEMORY game with motifs of recognizable Slovenian places and customs, photographed for us by the renowned Slovenian photographer and mountaineer Stane Klemenc.
Stane Klemenc has presented his extensive experience in mountaineering and polar expeditions in more than 50 books and the monograph “Ice Dreams”, and his photographs of Slovenian places and mountains are a unique document of the beauty of Slovenia.
Social games are a counterbalance to individualism, strengthen family and social relationships, and develop qualities such as patience, resourcefulness, concentration, and logical thinking.
  • 15 pairs
  • Motif: LJUBLJANA
  • Packed in cardboard box: 20 x 190 x 68 mm
  • Material: paper
  • Ideal gift for the whole family (regardless of age and gender)
  • easy to send by post
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We named the game FORGET-ME-NOTS after the tiny blue flowers which, in their rich folk symbolism, represent steadfastness, attachment to the past, and fidelity to oneself, to another, or a promise.
In most languages, this flower is known as “don’t forget me”, which is of course also very important in the memory game.
Through the game, you will learn about Slovenian places and traditions and may wish to visit or return to some of them.


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