The central figure in the villages of Ptuj polje is the “korant”. He is dressed in a fur coat, belted with a chain on which hang five cowbells. On his head is a cap made of sheepskin with red trimmed eyes, mouth, and nose holes. A long red tongue hangs out of the mouth, and a mustache made of spearmint or hornbeam hangs under the nose. On top of the cap are two upright sticks interlaced with ribbons of colourful flowers.
In his hands he carries a wooden club, covered in hedgehog skin on the botto end, called ‘ježevka’. The korants are usually in groups. To make the loudest possible sounds from the bells, they constantly jump and turn their bodies from left to right. This is how the bells echo throughout Ptuj from Shrove Sunday to Shrove Tuesday.
  • Title of work: Korant
  • Technique: graphics
  • External dimensions of the folder: 27 x 19 cm
  • Limited edition 73/100
  • The outer dimension of the frame: 24 x 30 cm
  • Limited edition 88/100
  • All works are signed, numbered and have a watermark of the author