The Carinthian women’s costume is characterized by a pleated dress worn over a white linen shirt. The upper part of the dress is covered by a large, colorful scarf with fringes, which is tied at the back. The aprons are made of patterned brocade and extend a little above the dress, with a bow on the head, with a decorative bow at the back.
The most prominent part of the men’s Carinthian costume is the waistcoat, which consists of two front and one rear part. In the past, the rear part was cut from a cheaper fabric (clot), but today waistcoats have a decorative purpose as well as being practical. The front part is made of black velvet with embroidered flowers and decorated with metal and sometimes even silver buttons. Under the waistcoat is a white linen shirt and a kerchief tied around the neck. A wide-brimmed hat was often decorated with a buckle.
Only some of the characteristics of the Belokrajna costume are described.
Size: 27 x 7 cm; 22 x 5 cm
Size of the salt & pepper doll: 13 x 4.5 cm
Size of the egg doll: 9 x 3.5 cm
Material: wood
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