The only manistic masks that Slovenians have preserved are the so-called ‘Bohinjski otepovci ‘. On Saint Stephen’s day (26th of December), they are carolled in Stara Fužina and Studor, and on 31st of December in Srednja vas, Češnjica, and Jereka.  The composition of the group varies from village to village. In Stara Fužina, a ‘trogar‘ and a’metlar‘ go to the front.
They are dressed in a fur coat with a chain. A large cap is tied over their head, with holes cut in it for their eyes and mouth. The ‘metlar’ is everywhere and keeps the others from staying in one place too long. The group also consists of the ‘uoča’ (father), ‘mat’ (mother) and children.
  • Title of work: ‘Bohinjski otepovci’
  • Technique: graphics
  • External dimensions of the folder: 27 x 19 cm
  • Limited edition 73/100
  • The outer dimension of the frame: 24 x 30 cm
  • Limited edition 88/100
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