Beekeeping has a long tradition in Slovenia and presents an important part of its cultural heritage. The green Slovene forests and various plants enable the Slovene indigenous Carniolan bee “kranjska čebela” (Apis mellifera carnica) to make high quality honey which differs accordingly to its botanical and geographical origin.
Handmade earthen pots in different colours and filled with honey are a perfect idea for a gift. The golden Slovene Mead – is an ancient natural beverage which derived from the gift of the bees, fruit and human intellect. Baron Valvasor in 1689 reports the following qualitiy of mead:”It then comes to pass that one quapfs goodly honey sweet drink that lives a pleasant sharpness on the tongue. This mead is of beauteous and clear golden colour…”We bottled the mead in the hand made ceramic vessels and such mead we offer to you.