Let this bird house become a happy nourishing place for colourful birds. Put a wide variety of seeds for wild birds into it before you leave for school. When you return home look for those seeds that the birds liked the most and supplement the menu. Don’t forget about the birds’ dinner just before dusk. You can feed the birds throughout the whole year.

A birdfeeder is an excellent place for bird watching. You won’t regret if you carefully write down all your observations. Which are those birds that appear first in the morning, which are those that follow them; which species of birds come and eat late in the afternoon, which are those that are the last when the evening comes? Compare your observations with your school mates and friends.
With a birdfeeder you will turn your yard into a bird feeding habitat. They will not only bring beautiful songs, multiple colours and joy of life into your home, but will also be beneficial for the wild birds and the environment at large.

Spring is the time when birds are nesting and they can make a great use of the food you provide for them. Most plants have no berries or seeds yet to be able to offer adequate food for the birds. Your food can be very important for them.

Summer is the best time to feed the birds. During the summer, you may see completely different birds from those that you saw during the winter. Some nesting birds bring their young ones and teach them how to eat at the bird house. Young chicks, full of excitement, make a song and dance about it.

In autumn, many birds begin to form flocks and fly to the warmer places. Those which stay, however, have to prepare themselves for the winter. Some of them change their eating habits. Birds that usually eat insects may start to eat berries and seeds instead.

To survive during the winter the birds have to eat more than usually. Because of the cold weather, however, there may not be enough food. Many birds have to consume daily the amount of food that matches their weight. Thus the bird’s tummy has a different capacity and works differently than ours. This is why a bird needs more food.

If you will feed your birds and diligently and carefully watch them, you will learn many interesting things about your flying friends.