Ethno gallery SKRINA is ready to meet your wishes and your requirements at the most and provide unique business gifts, which will, already at first glance, accentuate the character of your company, business or your trademark and add to your visual identity.

Throughout the years, we have been invigorating our trademark “Ethno gallery SKRINA - Tradition with sentiment” by developing our own products. We strive to form an attachment to Slovene tradition but in a new, modern way, in order to adjust to the needs of modern consumers.

Thus, we have, especially for the wives of French politicians, organized a demonstration of how to make “Ljubljanska butarica” (Palm Sunday bundle of Ljubljana). To the the wives of foreign diplomats we showed how to make Easter eggs from Bela krajina, the lace-making craft was presented for the guests of the American embassy, we hosted the presidential escort of George Bush at his visit in Slovenia…

We conduct business with numerous governmental institutions:
Government of the Republic of Slovenia - protocol,
National Assembly,
The City Municipality of Ljubljana - the Cabinet of the Mayor,
Government Communication Office,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Ministry of Transport,
Ministry of defence
And foreign embassies in Slovenia.

Among our loyal customers belong different companies: Lek – a Sanzos company, Belinka Tipro, Medex, Sparkasse, Mercator…